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Welcome to DriveSideways.com  A division of 8761043 Canada Ltd.

I am an Auto Journalist and former member of AJAC (Automobile Association of Canada).  I spend a lot of time either racing, lapping, driving or simply writing and talking about cars!

I specialize in automotive content for the consumer but have a ever growing background of motor sport related activities and knowledge to draw from.  With my extensive contacts in the automotive industry I have the ability to test most vehicles available on the Canadian market.  In a typical year I drive and report on over 50 unique vehicles and provide critical and fair analysis for consumption in media.

If you are looking for information, consultation or  automotive content; on the web, in print or on radio or TV please contact me and let’s work together to determine what would work best for you.

You can contact me directly via e-mail by clicking here.

Journalistic Experience

Currently I have 12 years of consumer automotive journalism experience with a portfolio of over 1000 articles published.  I’ve worked with CanadianDriver, autos.ca, autotrader.ca, moveyourmetal.com, prnmag.com (published in PRN Ignition Magazine) and I have been published in the annual Canadian International AutoShow Guide.  I have appeared on live radio with Live 88.5 in Ottawa and have appeared on Motoring TV as an expert numerous times.


Mechanical / Technical Experience

My automotive experience is vast and stems from numerous years of experience with many aspects of automotive technology.  Not only do I have knowledge of new vehicles and features.  I have extensive technical knowledge with the ability and know how to perform repairs on vehicles, from brakes and suspension to engine replacements.  My experience in these areas allow me to offer technical advice and know how to average consumers.

Driving Experience

As a member of the MotorSport Club of Ottawa (MCO) and Ottawa SportsCar Club for over 10 years, my driving experience ranges from off-road rock crawling to door-to-door road racing.

I have participated in the following Motorsports activities over the years:

  • Rally Cross
  • Navigation Rallies
  • Solo II (Auto-X)
  • Snow Cross
  • Ice Racing
  • Lapping
  • Road Racing

Motorsports Achievements

  • Targa Newfoundland Competitor and Finisher! (2015)
  • 4 Races Nissan Micra Cup
  • Formula Libre Champion (2014)
  • Numerous Auto-X victories including 2009 Class A Champion
  • Placed and won multiple snow-cross races
  • Calabogie GT Championship winner and multiple race winner
  • Two third places finishes in Canadian Touring Car Championship (CTCC)
  • Numerous Chump car 12-hour and 16-hour races
  • FIA National Race License holder
  • Graduate Bridgestone Racing Academy
  • Graduate Mercedez-Benz AMG Performance Driving School
  • Graduate MCO Performance Driving School
Instructor Experience
  • Seven years instructor MCO winter driving school
  • Six + years high performance driving instructor MCO / Calabogie Motorports Park
  • Six + years instructor Solo II

Software Design / Development Experience & Know-how 

My educational background in computer engineering and 15 + years in the telecommunications industry provides me a unique perspective on automotive technology as well as the skill-set and know-how to offer web development services and consultation.  I have experience and working knowledge with the following:

  • WordPress (including building custom plugins)
  • SimpleMachines Forum
  • Joomla
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • mySQL
  • Python
  • TCL/TK
  • Linux / Mac / WIndows

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